Lunenburg Nova Scotia Festivals

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Lunenburg Santa arrives by Boat

Community involvement in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia is very strong. People pull together to carry out a great many things. Besides the art, music festivals, and heritage tours, a new festivity hit the scene this winter: a boat themed Christmas Parade. For in Lunenburg, Santa arrives by Boat.

Now normally Santa arrived on a trawler in the harbour and it happens around St. Nicholas Day (a celebration in keeping with the Germanic heritage in Lunenburg).  The first St. Nicholas fest was started  by a local real estate company. Rumour has it there were European livestock as well as a saucy St. Nick.

This time the Lunenburg Board of Trade wanted to freshen up the concept, and suggested floats made of Doreys. These are special rowboats used by fishermen, yes I did not say fisherpersons. Fishers? The boats are often buff yellow, and they are visible in the fog.

Just check out the harbourfront buildings in Lunenburg and see how lively the colours are:Lunenburg Harbourfront boats and paint colours

So these merry wooden boats were propelled through the hilly streets of Lunenburg in an outrageous parade of holiday spirit. There were mermaid elves and Victorian carollers. The Rotary Club of Lunenburg underwrote the production, as their insurance covered non-profit events.

rotary Club of Lunenburg parade float

In all, the weather held long enough to do another parade in Bridgewater , for the Lahave River Valley Christmas Festival. But that’s another post

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One comment on “Lunenburg Nova Scotia Festivals

  1. Donna says:

    Great blog about living on the South Shore – there is just no better place to be!

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