Ten Mile Lake, NS, Canada

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Nova Scotia, Canada ” Ten Mile Lake” Wonderland

Information for Nova Scotia, Canada “Ten Mile Lake”:

  • Location: Only 15 minutes Liverpool with its 2000 residents, also near the nicest sand beaches ,you will find pure nature on an unspoiled lake. A kayak-er and canoeists’ dreamTen Mile Lake canoeing
  • Development: There is only one on this lake. There are 21 lots on the waterfront, and 8 with water access, in an ideal South-east to South-west orientation.  The sites are fully surveyed, with electricity and roads to the borders and sewage permit tested.
  • The Project: Lots are large to guarantee your privacy. “Pick out your spot and build your holiday house or retirement home”.
  • Ten Mile Lake: The painterly, fish rich lake, with 3 islands, is great for small motorboats and canoes. Experience  the Canadian Loon,  Beaver, and other wildlife.  A 250 acre woodland reserve belongs to this development that is yours to enjoy for birdwatching.  Hike, jog or bike in the fresh air and hunting-free grounds.view of Ten Mile Lake Sample Lot:  330′ waterfront  6 Acres $55,000 Cdn.

Summary “Ten Mile Lake” Nova Scotia

2 hour drive from the International airport and about 1.5 hours from the capital city of Halifax. Only 19km from Liverpool, where stores, restaurants, theater and the infrastructure of a small town is found. Approximately 30 minutes from Bridgewater with 8000 residents. Five minute drive (8km) from the village of Greenfield with shops, gas station and post office.  The Medway River, a well-known waterway, flows through  the area and is beautiful to kayak on (20 km until the Atlantic Ocean) and fish from.

tourism in Nova ScotiaKejimkujik national park, one if the biggest  nature parks in Nova Scotia is 30 km away and 15 minutes drive from Ten Mile Lake are sand beaches on the Atlantic ocean. When you want to play golf, White Point Beach Golf Resort is near Liverpool. Guaranteed quiet, as large speedboats are not likely; it’s best with canoes and boats with an outboard motor.  Drinking water quality for swimming as springs bubble up through the rocks… very pristine. Excellent fish stock such as trout, river bass, small mouth bass, eels and more.

Lake size is about 97 Hectares,  width approximately 2 km, and length about 5 km.   The flora and fauna are Wonderful:  a mix of tree stands with maples, evergreens, birch, etc. and ferns, wild orchids, different water plants (usually lily pad blooms) .

Ten-Mile-lake photo in fallSummary of Nova Scotia CANADA area climate

Through the influence of the Gulf stream, there is a mild climate on the South Shore! We have a warm summer with lots of sun (1,945 sunshine hours per year, compared to the health resort of Bodensee with 1699 hours) and a pleasant summer temperature (22-30 degrees Celcius). Measurable winter with little snow,  temperature occasionally as low as  -18 degree Celcius.  Reasonable mosquitoes on “Ten Mile Lake”. Colourful autumn (Indian  Summer) with temperatures still up to 20 degrees Celcius in October.

Come have a look !

Nova Scotia REALTOR Bettina Grunwald~Bettina

PS>  this blog is a translation of my German version on http://bgouthrogrunwald.wordpress.com


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