Green waterfront homes in Nova Scotia

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Waterfront Homes in Nova Scotia

For “useablewaterfront, buyers are choosing green properties in Nova Scotia

for boating, swimming, winter sport and water view lifestyles. Oceanfront

is beautiful in summer, riverfront is gorgeous in spring , and lakefront is

enjoyable Year-round as long as the roads are open more than seasonally…

waterfront homes in nova Scotia

Beaver tail Basin has a few of these homes for sale for part-time and fulltime residents. The Basin is an extended cove of massive Molega Lake, or even a lake on its own. Your boat can be launched at the CAUSEWAY BRIDGE that allows passage from Beavertail Basin into Molega Lake. The lots in this area were scooped up by nature lovers, world travelers, and working folks early as the Lakeland Retreats development grew.

Narrows Raod causeway narrows road causeways

Boats enjoy safe moorage at clean shorelines and swimmers avoid the crowds this group of popular lakes near Bridgewater can accommodate. A natural sand beach for Retreats owners and guests only, is also within a dog walk. There is high-speed internet and well-maintained private roads in this part of Cottage Country. Just out of the hustle and bustle (under one half hour from hospital and Big Box retailers) you’d find:

Beaver tail basin

An Interhab post & beam house with upscale slate and cedar landscaping along with 142’ lakefront on the Basin. With in-floor heat on two levels and a gas fireplace, the owners never wanted to leave. A standby automatic generator self-tests weekly, and some backup baseboard heat exists for the master suite and loft sitting area.

interhab post and beam windmill in Nova Scotia

Another property is a contemporary lakefront cottage/home within a private, peaceful oasis. Effectively younger than its seven years, and joined to the newer workshop, this one level charmer is well above the waterline. Should one wish to open up views or groom the forest path into a two level stairway the owners have left this to the discretion of the second owner. The lake is so clean, they draw as much water as they need directly through a Reverse Osmosis filter.

waterline in Beavertail Basin

Its grounds are low maintenance, with extra sewage system filters. A thermal heat storage system and wood burning fireplace give you the means to have a smaller impact and still live year-round in comfort. There’s a six-foot frost wall basement for more storage, and practical details throughout with a touch of luxury.

Come see why for “useablewaterfront, buyers choose these greener kinds of properties for boating, swimming, winter sport and water view lifestyles.

Bettina Gouthro Grunwald

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Bettina {Gouthro} Grunwald


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