King Street Court Park

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Bridgewater Riverfront Revitalized

king st court

Beside future walking ramp

You need to come see  the redesigned improvements to King Street Court Park. It is now more visible, accessible and inviting!

bridgewater fountain

Floating viewing platform

A Community Celebration on October 2nd, 2010 had participants partying despite the drizzly morning.  (Volunteerism and economic revitalization of the riverfront were the reasons for the entertainment).

For once the street was blocked off not for construction, but for the enjoyment of the public.  More and more festivals and even weddings, will be happening in the park in the future.


"Naming the Twins"

"Naming the Twins"

There were bands playing, FREE cake, buskers doing professional facepainting and making balloon animals while on stilts.  My favourite part was riding through the farmers market in golf carts and stopping at the Petite River Winery’s hard cider tasting.   Mmmm

Petite River Winery

wine & cider tasting

Service clubs ran BBQ stands, a ladies kick boxing club performed, and bubbles donated by a local business floated on the breeze.  Prizes ranged from bicycles to coveted gift certificates.

bridgewater fountain

Butterfly face paint

This event was put on by a committee from the Riverfront Renaissance action group of the Bridgewater Development Association.  Many plans and promotional efforts have been carried out in the background.

King St Court

Seating and Interpretive Panels

If you’d like to assist Bridgewater‘s momentum in getting the Lahave River back to being a major draw for enjoyment and business, there is plenty to do.

bridgewater fountain

I love the fountain

Check out the following site for details on progress to date and future phases of the economic development plans.  There are also thank yous to the various funders listed there.

king street court

water walkway

See you at the next batch of more things going on in the South Shore!


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