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Lifestyle business in Lunenburg

Saturday, December 4th, 2010
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Lunenburg Harbour

How would you like to live in a town that not only won the Port city of the Year, the Communities in Bloom’s Most Beautiful Small Town, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site? What about operating one of the most respected toy making businesses in Canada?  What if you could have both?  What if you could have your own manufacturing facility, administrative office, and your active lifestyle all within the bounds of your home sweet home?  Yes, what if – is now – a rare opportunity to own the lifestyle business of The Toy Maker of Lunenburg! After 30 years, the owners are selling their home and business to step back from the busyness of being entrepreneurs and step into the easy breezy way of life on Nova Scotia’s south shore.

Lunenburg Nova Scotia Toymaker

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The Toy Maker of Lunenburg has an internationally recognized brand; one that stands for the highest quality standards, a high level of integrity and excellence in customer service. The recent lead-paint scandals, especially related to toys, have shifted consumer’s attention away from choosing economical Chinese imports to choosing higher priced quality products. Classic wooden, handmade, and wool, cotton and cardboard toys have all seen a surge in demand – The Toy Maker of Lunenburg is no exception. Being hand-crafted in Nova Scotia, especially in the charming old town of Lunenburg, contributes to The Toy Maker’s products’ reputation of being made with old-world care and craftsmanship.

toy making in Lunenburg

Handmade Push Toys

Beside the romance, and beyond the scandal, consumers are making their buying decisions with the environment in mind. The Toy Maker of Lunenburg prides itself on a high level of recycling and re-use in the manufacturing of its products. Their water-based paints are made in Western Europe, where the highest environmental standards in manufacturing are enforced, the wood is purchased from a supplier who does not use clear-cutting methods of harvesting, and all discarded paper products are shredded and recycled – even the sawdust is given to some friendly local guinea hens. The Toy Maker of Lunenburg’s business is busier than ever, which makes this the ideal time for someone to purchase it. Proud of the legacy they have built, the current owners will provide the new owners with hands-on training, mentoring and guidance

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