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Lunenburg and the South Shore area

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Charming and close-knit, walking down its main streets is like walking through a book on old world architecture. Cape Cod style, Neo-Classical (Georgian), Gothic Revival, and Scottish (with five sided Scottish dormers), are just some of the styles that can be identified throughout the area. Robinson Harmsen bettina

The most famous architectural feature, affectionately known as the Lunenburg bump, is an extended central dormer that extends out and down from the roof to create an overhang over the main entrance. The whimsical feel of the town is made all the more enchanting by the use of eye-popping paint colours; one gets the feeling that you have stepped into a magical land from a children’s book.

Lunenburg County, which includes the towns of Chester, Bridgewater and Mahone Bay, has a population of 47,591 residents, of which 2,457 live in the town of Lunenburg. The rugged sea coastline is set against the backdrop of a gentle rolling landscape. The soil is rich and well drained by a network of lakes and small rivers and the weather is quite temperate, making it a favourable region for agricultural activity. From Christmas trees to cranberries, milk production to wine-making, you can certainly enjoy eating and drinking local in Lunenburg County.

South Shore

The South Shore is where the seafaring legacy of the Maritimes originated from. Ship-building, deep sea fishing and foundries are all still active as in yesteryear; in fact, you can still hear the ring of the blacksmith’s hammer as you walk along Lunenburg’s working waterfront. Home to the famous Bluenose schooner, and a welcomed port of call for other tall ships, Lunenburg is a centre for the history of the sea that defined the Province of Nova Scotia.

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Built by immigrants of German and Swiss descent, Lunenburg was named in honor of King George II, Duke of Brunschweig-Lunenburg, the king under which the edict was given to provide free passage to those who would facilitate the building of towns in the new world (North America). Descendents of these founding families still live in the region, and are considered to be true Bluenosers, after the famous ship that was built along its shores.

The South Shore is also noted for its many festivals that it holds throughout the year. Whether the event is associated with seafood, harvest time, art, music or theatre, chances are, when you are in Lunenburg, there is always something to celebrate.


Even though Lunenburg is relatively small in comparison to Halifax, it offers big city education that is globally-focused. High quality local elementary and junior high schools that include French immersion  [and Waldorf], help students get a good educational grounding. And then, students in grades 10, 11 and 12 are bussed to the  high schools in Bridgewater that offers an excellent study environment and offers the globally-recognized International Baccalaureate program. Lunenburg Academy [is] just 2 minutes by car from The Toy Maker of Lunenburg, [see “An Invitation to Purchase A Lifestyle Business & Residence” at Lunenburg Academy is a historic Victorian building with 98 students from grades Kindergarten through Five. In 2012 a brand new school is due to re-open in Lunenburg.]


World class golf courses, sailing, boating, cross-country skiing, skating, biking, curling, and long seaside walks – Lunenburg certainly offers a recreational lifestyle that is to be envied. With a $31.5 million Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre due to be completed in the near future, which will contain a skating rink, [a large library], one six-lane 25 metre pool, and fitness and meeting space, it is clear that local leaders share a strong commitment to improving the quality of life for its citizens, and are eager to attract an increasing number of visitors, businesses, and newcomers into the area to live, work, and play.

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