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Exclusive Listing near Lunenburg NS

Thursday, July 21st, 2011
Immobilien Beschreibung
farn for sale near Lunenburg NS

beside the Back Harbour

Das Örtchen Garden Lots liegt in unmittelbarer Nähe des zum UNESCO Weltkulturerbe erklärten Lunenburg.
So klein es auch erscheinen mag, sie werden hier mit offenen Armen und unvergleichlicher Warmherzigkeit empfangen.

Lunenburg ist ein beliebtes Ziel vieler Touristen, deren Zustrom von Mai bis Oktober den Höhepunkt erreicht.
In diesem Angebot eingeschlossen sind das Haupthaus, ein Heuschober, ein Lagerschuppen und das Kutschhaus mit den angrenzenden Wiesen.

Lunenburg County farm for sale

Carriage House, barn, and storage building

Für weitere ca. 10 ha Weideland besteht ein 20 – Jahres – Pachtvertrag, so dass für ausreichend Futter gesorgt ist.
Sollten Sie am Erwerb des Fuhrunternehmens interessiert sein, folgen sie bitte diesem Link

Old Cape Cod

Anchor yourself on this beautiful hillside!


Das Anwesen liegt nur ca. 300 m außerhalb Lunenburgs und ist zu erreichen über die Old Town Lincoln Street.

Lunenburg business for sale

yellow area is farmyard


Garage: 12,20m x 7,30m
Heuschuppen: 8,70m x 11,15m (Fassungsvermögen ca. 2.000 Heuballen)
Lagerschuppen: 2,45m x 3,65m

Baujahr:  ca. 1910

Wasserversorgung:  Stadtwasser

Abwasser:  Sickergrube

Grundstücksgröße:  ca. 4.000 qm Weideland


Famous Lunenburg Business for Sale

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

 buggy ride74 Old Blue Rocks Road, Garden Lots

Trot in Time started in 1996, with an old carriage in the owner’s front yard; basically a lawn ornament. One day a local senior suggested a horse be borrowed to take him for a ride in that buggy. After a good measure of work, including a full refit of the 1888-built cart by shipwright Lloyd Lantz, he got his ride.

The name Trot in Time came from a  elementary student contest won by then third grader, Claire Coulter.  Claire got a pizza party with her friends, in thanks for her great idea. The tour with Trot in Time is like stepping back in time complete with a real wooden carriage – a trot in time!

trot in time horsebuggy ride

The first horse came from Gregg and Jenny Ernst  who live near Lunenburg.  Jenny had been doing wagon rides with her horse, Cindy, but with ten children it was getting too hard to manage that business. And so Cindy became Trot in Time‘s first steed. She retired in 2000 and laid down for a final rest in 2003. Please visit her beautiful memorial page.

trot in time horse buggy ride

In 2000 the owner of Trot in Time was able to buy a property, and restore the barn and an old Cape house, only 300 feet outside the Lunenburg town limits. From there, as the saying goes, it’s all history: Cindy and he hit the streets for buggy rides the next two years.

In the third year a horse called Bob was purchased. The fourth year a replica carriage was added… By the ninth year it was three carriages! Today they have six horses, four carriages, six drivers, a ranch hand, a wagon house, and an ever expanding pasture.

buggy ridebuggy ride

Trot in Time cares a great deal about their horses and invite visitors to schedule a visit ( to the Exclusively listed hobby farm if they’d like to see how nice the animals live:  74 Old Blue Rocks Road, Garden Lots, Lunenburg County, NS, CANADA.

view from Garden Lots

Harbour views from Garden Lots, NS

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